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Tera Mystic Build Guide

Want to learn the perfect Tera Mystic Build? Well, if you are looking for a quick guide to show you how to properly build your skills, glyphs and crystal to dominate all of your friends and competition in Tera Online, then you have come to the right place. My name is Stephanie Lee and I have been addicted to Tera ever since its debut in Korea. I consider myself a pretty good Tera player and since its North American release, I have even devoted literally hundreds of hours researching the best skill, glyph and crystals builds that work the best for certain situations.

Below, I have outlined some viable skill builds and glyph builds for the Archer that I have found to have worked quite well. Keep in mind that this guide only covers a small aspect of the Archer. If you want a full Mystic guide to show you the perfect builds and how to completely max out your character in every way, I highly recommend the Argon's Guide.

As a Mystic, you will be able to unlock literally dozens of skills and abilities as you progress through the levels. However, you will only be able to equip a handful of skills and glyphs at one given time. So, this means that it is important to have the right skills and glyphs in your build ready to dominate every situation that you will encounter in Tera Online. The build that I will be exposing to you today is a support/PVE inspired build that I have developed after countless hours of research.

I will show you the skills that I chose plus two glyphs that you can use to compliment that particular skill with the pros and cons of each. Keep in mind that the skill build I created was designed around my own play style. Feel free to change or add new skills according to your liking.

Thrall of Life will be your primary burst heal that you will be using throughout the game. When, you will summon a Thrall of Life that will periodically heal you and your teammates as well as remove all harmful effects from them. The summon will last 12 seconds or until it dies. The downside to this skill is that the Thrall of Life has a very limited healing range, so you will need to get within melee range for it to heal you. The cast time for Thrall of Life is instant, has a cool down of 35 seconds and last 875 mana to cast.

Glyph of Energy: This glyph will decrease the cool down of Thrall of Life from 35 seconds to 28 seconds. Important glyph to have in order to spam this useful support ability.

Glyph of Grounding: This glyph will increase the defense of the summoned creature by 100%. This is another important glyph as you want the creature to heal for the entire 12 seconds to maximize your effectiveness.

Titanic Favor is your lock on heal that can heal up to 3 targets at once with the right glyph. When activated, it will heal up to 2 allies (without the glyph) for up to 2585 HP, then an additional 113HP every second for 10 seconds for allies that are within 19 meters of you. Titanic Favor costs 350 mana to activate, has a cool down of 2.5 seconds and has a cast time of 1 second.

Glyph of Multiplication: This glyph will allow you to increase the number of targets that you will be able to lock on by 1. This is a very important glyph that you must have to increase your healing capabilities.

Glyph of Longshot: This glyph will increase the range that you will be able to heal from 19 meters to 22 meters. This might not seem like a lot of distance, but it will make a difference.

Mire is one of your best crowd control abilities that you will be able to unlock as a Mystic. When activated, you will shackle targets hampering their movement speed gradually up to 90%. During this time, their balance will be increased by 100% unfortunately. You will be able to lock onto 4 targets that is 118 meters from you. This is a very effective PVP skill. Mire has an instant cast time, cool down of 60 seconds and cost 750 mana to cast.

Glyph of Energy: This glyph decreases the cool down Mire is decreased from 60 seconds to 48 seconds. This is an important glyph to get as you will be able to spam your CC to slow enemies more frequently.

Aura of the Merciless is a very important buff that you will be able to give your team when fighting BAM's or bosses. When activated, an aura will surround you and every ally within 20 meters of you will have their critical chance rate doubled. This skill has an instant cast time, cool down of 2 seconds, cost 750 mana to activate and drains 30 MP every 2 seconds while the Aura is active.

Glyph of Brilliance: This glyph decreases the initial mana consumption of Aura of the Merciless by 300. Important glyph to use in order to save your mana for other supporting skills to spam.

Shara's Lash is one our most frequently used crowd control abilities for mainly all situations. When activated, you will cast a bolt of Sharan energy forward that will either explode when you come in contact with enemies or at 10 meters. When the bolt explodes, it will stun all the enemies for 3 seconds within a rather large AOE. The cast time of Shara's Lash is instant, has a cool down of 50 seconds and cost 500 mana to activate.

Glyph of Fleetfoot: This glyph will increase your combat speed by 50 for 3 seconds if Shara's Lash hits an enemy target. An excellent glyph to consider to add mobility to your Mystic on the battlefield.

Having the right crystal build for your Mystic in Tera is just as important as the right skills and glyphs. Below, I have outlined the crystals that I find to be the most effective for your weapon and armour in support and healing situations.


Fine Carving- Increases your critical chance percentage by X

Focused- Increases your critical damage to enraged monsters

Savage- Increases your critical damage when attacking monsters/players from rear

Backbiting- Increases your critical damage to normal monsters from rear

Acrimonious- Increases your critical damage to medium monsters from rear


Relentless- Will increase your overall HP by X amount

Vigorous- Will give you hit point regeneration by X amount per 5 seconds.

The builds above for the Tera Mystic should be used as a guideline. The reason I say this is because these builds are targeted towards my own personal preference, play style and of course builds are never set in stone. Builds for your Mystic will always change depending on the situation/scenario you are in and also differs depending on factors such as your own play style, equipment and hot keys. However, there is a way to know exactly what is the best build to use in every situation as an Mystic. Want to know the best current builds for the Mystic that have been created and used by professional Tera players? Sources: Live Journal Myspace Wordpress

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